Natural Arabic Language

Lessons provided: Arabic, Quran or English Language

Location: Kuala Lumpur

Tutor: Fadhil

I am currently studying Master of Arabic Teaching at UIA Gombak.

Having the knowledge and also experience in private teaching Arabic, Quran and English, I will provide the best method to teach language effectively, knownly as Natural Language Approach by Prof. Stephen Krashen.

Available morning from 8 AM until 5 PM

Available evening from 8.30 PM onwards


The session will focus on student’s needs : either understanding Arabic for learning Islam or conversation.

This also apply for English language. With Natural Language Approach, the session will focus on language learning experience similar to when children learn language for the first time. Without focusing on memorizing words and grammar, but on natural mastery of the language.

Also, I will not focus on correcting mistakes, but on learning language patterns naturally. Thus, the learning will be more enjoyable.