Renshinkan Shito-Ryu Karate-Do

Lessons provided: Karate-Do

Location: Jalan Scott, Brickfield, Kuala Lumpur

Tutor: Sensei Loh

Sensei Loh
Tel: 012-9185557

Sensei Loh, former national athlete, 3rd Dan Black Belt. Medalist for the First Asia Pacific Union Karate-Do Organization (now known as Asia Karate-Do Federation).

Having 15 years in teaching karate, and 25 years in karate training.

Every Friday 8pm – 10pm

Karate-Do, an evolution of martial art from southern China (Hokkien) to Ryukyu island (Okinawa today). After conquer by Japan, the art develop silently without using weapon. All weapon art are called kobudo today. 

Before given the name “karate” it was called “Tang Sho Do”or “Tang Te”, means hand technique from china. Mainly the art relates to three animals – white crane, tiger & dragon. In fact, there is a style called Dragon Tiger Crane style in Japan.

Karate today divides into sport karate or competition karate & traditional karate. 

Shito-Ryu, one of the main style in Japan Karate history, till today most pattern champion is doing Shito-Ryu Kata (pattern). Renshin-kan, currently represented as the central zone main dojo (Honbu Dojo) or training center that continuously produce state and national athletes.

Karate is not just a combat sport, it emphasis more on psychological development, creating a better person in character. Manner & respect is the main teaching in karate.