Tuition Job No. 0008

Date posted: 25 August 2015

Location: Nilai

Student’s Level: Form 4

Tuition Subjects: Physics and Add Maths

Number of Student: 1

Student’s race: Indian

Tuition Fees: Rm 100-150 per month

Tuition Time & Frequency: Every Saturday , 2 hours each subject. (Physics – 9 to 11; Add Maths – 3 to 4)

Additional Information:
I Am Looking For A Private Tutor For Helping Me In Add Maths and Physics For Form 4 Level, For 4 Months, Mainly Focusing On Finishing The Physics and Add Maths Course. I Prefer A Tutor Mainly Focus On Teaching Me From The Starting Of September, Till End Of December. Please Contact Me As Soon As Possible.


*Tutors please email your tuition ads link to if you are interested. Thank you.